Maeve Cook is a fine artist based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. She has not been educated in art but has always loved to create. She was born in Japan in 1989, moved to Carmel, IN then to Fort Wayne with her husband, children and two Pomeranians in 2016. After recieving numbers of encouragements over many years, Maeve finally decided to take her art as her professional career at 29 years of age in 2018.

Other than being an artist, Maeve used to be 

an orchestral violinist and a linguist by profession. 

In her personal life, Maeve is a latin dancer, dresses in late 40's to 50's style clothing, lives in a century old house, and keeps journals with her fountain pen on her favourite antique desk. She is also a seamstress, and a Hallmark movie enthusiast. Her way of life is greatly reflected in her artworks.


Maeve works with oil, colour pencil and charcoal. Majority of my work is inspired by people and past. However her aim is NOT hyper realistic art, but to capture object emotionally realistic. She has been busy with commissions these days but will be creating more original pieces for exhibitions.